Why would you want to Seller Finance your Home or Do an Installment Sale?

  1. Mailbox Money - receive a structured payment every month giving the seller something to look forward to and rely on. Maybe you thought you would try your hand at being a landlord but realized it's not for you.  An installment sale gives you the best of both worlds, you still receive the income from the property but you don't have to worry about toilets and tenants.

  2. Be the Bank - do you want to make more money or less money?  An installment sale has the potential to provide a seller with more money from the sale of a house over time than a simple cash sale.

  3. Lower your tax burden -  An installment sale can lower your tax burden by redirecting sales proceeds from a sale from capital gains to regular income which is taxed at lower rates.

  4. Long Term Stability - Do you have a family member that maybe isn't good with money?  An Installment sale can keep them from spending an inheritance all at once and will provide long term cash flow for their future.

  5. Make More Money - We can pay more over time using an installment sale than other investors and even more than you could get using a Realtor.

Our Process

Step One:

We will discuss Terms. 

Example of Terms: Downpayment of 5%, monthly payments of $500 per month for the next 10 years, with a balloon (Balance) payment at the end of the 10 years.

Terms can be done anyway you want. It's whatever fits your life, and works for you. Remember, you want to make money and not have to work for it. 


Step 2:

Write Contract with Financing Terms.


Step 3:

Send to Lawyer to draw up Documents for Financing and Closing.


Step 4: